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In co-operation with our partners, in the form of specialized services, it is involved in the implementation of the CALS (Continuous Acquisition & Life-cycle Support) technologies, thus streamlining the acquisition of government administration and increasing the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises.

Services focus on:

  • Life cycle management of systems, products and equipment (ASD SX000i),
  • Logistic analysis LSA, LSAR, RAMCT, FMECA, LORA, RCM, spare parts (ASD S3000L),
  • Electronic technical publications (ASD S1000D, ČOS 051632).


Become a reliable partner for government and industrial enterprises that will be able to externally provide the optimization of product lifecycle processes using CALS technologies.


Integrated product support (IPS), which aims is to optimize the life cycle of product from both manufacturer and user.

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