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Integrated Product Support (IPS)

IPS (international specification ASD SX000i) is a methodology for achieving optimal lifecycle costs, improving product reliability, availability, maintainability and capability. It deals with support requirements already at the device development stage. Development is done for support, not support for development. Information is passed by the user to the manufacturer using the standard logistics database. Since the early stages, development has also focused on support requirements. CALS servis participates in the implementation of IPS in the government administration and industry environment in the Czech Republic.

Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)

LSA (Logistic Support Analysis, international specification ASD S3000L) is a summary of the analytical processes through which the goal of integrated product support is achieved. LSA-related data is logged into the LSAR database. CALS service ensures the processing of LSA analysis and the recording of their data in LSAR databases according to the project requirements (tailoring).

Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

LCC (Life Cycle Cost) they represent the life cycle costs of the product from its development phases to final disposal. The operating phase plays a main role. Under the principles of modern logistics, these costs must be considered when designing the product and measures are being taken to optimize them. The LCCs are one of the decisive parameters in the NATO and the EU countries in the tenders for deliveries to the government. CALS servis ensures the processing of LCC analyzes according to the methodology of the National Armed Forces Office.

Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)

LORA (Level of Repair Analysis) is an analysis performed within the LSA to optimize the product maintenance and repair system. Choosing the optimal system configuration option with the lowest cost or achieving the desired product availability value is performed. CALS servis offers LORA analyzes according to the methodology of the National Armaments Office.

Trade-off Analysis

This analysis select best of the alternatives of logistic support resources in designing the logistic support system of the product. Sources can be labor, tools, equipment, supply systems, energy, etc. CALS servis offers processing of Trade-off analyzes according to the methodology of the National Arms Office.

NATO Codification

It serves to achieve unique identification of supply items within the NATO codification system. Suppliers for the defense department must also provide the relevant coding data to ensure the inclusion of the product in the NATO codification system databases.

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