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MC&S2 Analyzer

We have developed an online web-based software application to support decision-making in choosing from variants that are characterized by a hierarchical division of criteria.

This multi-criteria application allows you to record the criteria in a tree structure with the appropriate weights and values for individual evaluated variants and then perform a variant order evaluation.

The mathematical model is based on pointing the values of the criteria of the individual variants according to their mutual relation and the values of the required weights.

In modeling, it is also possible to take into account the quantitative advantage or disadvantage of the criteria values (Greater is better versus Less is better).

Modeling outputs are clear tables and charts.

We deliver the application in the Czech / English language version.

Application usage is to support decision-making in the areas of security, defense, acquisition, efficient and transparent evaluation of public contracts, as well as for personnel work.


We have developed an online web-based application for creating technical publications for manufacturing companies.

The main advantages of the application are:

- Effective creation of user manuals, maintenance manuals, workshop manuals.

- Secure-Access Internet Database System.

- Working with project teams in a shared data environment.

- The ability to set user access permissions to selected project areas.

- Management of the production of technical illustrations from the requirement to the final illustration.

- Simple to work with texts and images based on data modules.

- Text editing in a neutral environment - no special formatting, etc.

- Reuse of processed data modules - saving time and cost.

- The ability to effectively use the inheritance of publications.

- Automatically projection of data changes to all places of occurrence.

- Set access for individual translators for the language and publication.

- It is always translated only in an unfolded way - saving time and costs.

- Integrated editable terminology dictionary for translators and phrases dictionary.

- Automatic generation of outputs of language versions of publications into HTML and PDF.


We have developed an online web software application for interactive illustrated catalogs of spare parts for manufacturing companies.

The application enables on-line editing of text and graphic data and then viewing them in all web browsers.

We adapt the application to business requirements according to their data structures, the possible import of data from information systems and the ordering system specifications.


We have developed an interactive software electronic IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual) according to ASD S1000D international specifications.

The application allows the management of data modules in XML format and images in SVG vector format and then their display in web browsers.

The application also allows generating PDF outputs.

ASD-STE100 Analyzer

We have developed the ASD-STE100 Analyzer software application. ASD-STE100 (Simplified Technical English) is an international specification for technical English.

The application allows you to search for unauthorized words from the ASD-STE100 vocabulary and their markup for subsequent correction using the examples in the dictionary.

The result of text analysis and correction is clear and comprehensible technical texts for product descriptions and procedural instructions in training, user, maintenance and workshop manuals.


CALS servis is the official OmegaPS software dealer for the Czech Republic. OmegaPS Analyzer software is used in the process of acquisition of equipment and techniques of the Czech Republic MOD. The software supports complex product integrated logistical support processes in the following areas:


OmegaPS is a globally recognized tool for analyzing product logistics support under the Mil Std 1388/2B and Def Stan 00-60 standards.

Developer of the OmegaPS is UK company Pennant.

CORENA Knowledge Center

CALS servis is oficial partner of the ASD S1000D international specification.software application CORENA Knowledge Center for Czech Republic.

Developer of the CORENA Knowledge Center is Danish company Flatirons.


CALS servis is oficial partner of the software EAGLE (Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment) for Czech Republic.

EAGLE covers the area of integrated logistics support, including RAMT, FMECA, RCM, LSA, spare parts including EPS integration for the creation of S1000D technical publications linking to the LSAR database. The EAGLE MMIS Application (Maintenance Management Information System) is intended for information support to the implementation of logistics services in operation, maintenance and repairs, including the FRACAS (Failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system).

Developer of the EAGLE is US company Raytheon.

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